What about the belly

A workshop with 5 meetings

My name is Michal Ekebom

I am a Feldenkrais practitioner for many years

Ever since I graduated from the Feldenkrais  professional training I felt that there is no clear approach and understanding of the function and participation of the belly muscles in movement. With the years I developed a method to rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles, and I discovered how the abdominal muscles function in synergy with the pelvic floor. I started to understant better and better the importance of the abdominal muscles in our posture, daily functions and also how they keep our back healthy 

Understanding of the functioning of the abdominal muscles is essential for every person and certainly for people who teach movement to others

Another reason that makes the belly muscles functioning crucial to our well being and health, is the fact that they support our internal organs

I offer a series of 5 lessons in which we will examine a few basic movement functions and how they improve and become more efficient when we use our abdominal muscles in an integrated way 

 The series will be held via Zoom and will be recorded and each participant will get access to the recordings 

:What participants says

:Efrat - Feldekrais and chikung practitioner

I would like to thank you for the series of lessons you gave. For me it was an intersting and thought provoking  new experience

:E. Feldenkrais practitioner

In the lessons Michal builds a tutoring process for using the abdominal muscles in an optimal way and in each lessons there are new insights

Dates of the meetings 

  monday 16.10.23 21:00 Israel Time

"    monday 23.10.23 21:00

"    monday 30.10.23 21:00

"    monday 06.11.23 21:00

"    monday 13.11.23 21:00

price - 100 euro

$  110        

 Payment method - Paypal



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