Restoration of the pelvic floor and posture

in the 'RETZEF' method

'A very important and necessary course for women of all ages'


                                                             A three-hour workshop  

                                                       in Helsinki FINLAND   

                                                                for women        

                                                 Sunday 13/8/23, 10:00 am

                                                      My name is Michal Ekebom

I developed the 'RETZEF' method about ten years ago                 

The conventional way of exercising the pelvic floor does not solve the  problem of poor posture and the load it creates on the pelvic floor . The pelvic floor must be looked at as part of a whole and not  as an organ detached from any other function              

Every woman at any age  can improve the function of her pelvic floor

    wether she is postpartum, pregnant, menopausal or postmenopausal

 over the years that I have been treating and teaching the 'RETZEF' method

I have worked with young women as well as with women over the age of eighty

And I saw that at any age it is possible to improve

A few words about the 'RETZEF' method

                                               :(How frustrating it is to feel a lack of control over the  Urinary sphincter

                                  How essential it is to connect to the pelvic floor and develope control over it    

The 'RETZEF' method is an advanced method that connects all the elements of posture

together and Incorporates the pelvic floor as an integral part of various natural

     functions of the body 

The 'RETZEF' method teaches women to feel the support of the pelvic floor 

The 'RETZEF' method teaches women to activate and control the sphincters



 Distribution of pages with the exercises of the workshop

 A short lecture on YouTube

possibility to Continue practicing in zoom  

I am married and a mother of five

As a child I suffered a chronically from various problems related to the pelvic floor

I developed the 'RETZEF' method after I gave birth to few of my children and from a personal search of the right way to rehabilitate the pelvic floor

As part of the vocal work as a singer and teacher of voice development, I clearly felt the connection between breathing and the pelvic floor and I realized that it is a big mistake to treat the pelvic floor separately and without incorporating it into various functions of the body

Such a reference cuts off the functional connections to the pelvic floor

and makes it less and less accessible to us

Until we don't feel it and we don't know how to activate it

  Despite the need for help and despite the severe damage to their quality of life many women choose to ignore and not speak about their pelvic floor problems

because of the discomfort of talking about the issue

So not only does the method improve their quality of life, it also contributes to raising awareness of the issue 

My ambition is that every woman will participate in a 'RETZEF' course ,internalize, understand and change the wrong patterns that lead to pathological deficiencies

In addition to my work in the 'RETZEF' method, I am a certified teacher in the Feldenkrais method 

I teach voice training and vocal expression using the 'whole voice' method

and I am also a C.B.T therapist



For registration please fill in the form 

or email me with your name and phone number

to - mekebom@gmail.com

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